Manantiales Foundation

Fundacion Manantiales (Manantiales Foundation) is an international entity of public good dedicated to research, prevention and treatment of addictions with offices in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Spain. It was created on March 16th, 1993, in San Isidro, Buenos Aires. So far it has assisted more than 5000 people and always maintained a high recovery rate.

In 2003 it was appointed consultative partner OAS (Organization of American States).

It is also the only institution in Argentina and Uruguay that has subscribed an agreement with the UNDCP (Drug control of the United Nations) to provide prevention workshops on educational and labor topics.

It is a member of WFTC (World Federation of Therapeutic Communities), of FLACT (Latin American Federation of Therapeutic Communities).

It also maintains contact with the Department of Prevention and Assistance of the following agencies: UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), ILO (International Labor Organization), WHO (World Health Organization), UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime).

It works with SEDRONAR in Argentina (Ministry of Programming for Prevention and Fight against Drug Trafficking), SADA (Department of Care of Addiction), CONNAF (National Council for Childhood, Adolescence and Family), SENNAF (the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescent and Family), among others. It has issued at the request of ADEPA (Argentine Association of Journalistic Entities) the seminar "The role of media in the Prevention of Drug Dependence" during 1999 and 2000 for all Argentine journalists.

In Uruguay maintains contact with the JND (National Drug Board), the Ministry of Public Health, the Intendancy of Maldonado, the Intendancy of Montevideo and INAU (Institute of Child and Adolescent of Uruguay). It is also the founding partner of FUCOT (Uruguayan Federation of Therapeutic Communities).

In Spain maintains contact with the Institute of Addiction of Madrid and the Community of Madrid.

Having successfully completed two International Conferences, it organized the World Congress "New Frontiers in Prevention and Treatment of Drug Addiction for the XXI Century", held in Montevideo, Uruguay. The goal was for participants to meet and make contact with other experiences and developments of famous universities, research centers and international specialists in the subject. Renowned experts made presentations on EE. UU. Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America, representing various schools of theory and practice in dealing with preventive care  and assistance in drug addiction.

At the request of Argentine Association of Journalistic Entities (ADEPA) it issued for all Argentine journalists the seminar "The role of media in the Prevention of Drug Addiction” during 1999 and 2000. Manantiales Foundation organized the First National Congress on eating disorders in the city of Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is thus established as the first milestone in addressing this issue in an interdisciplinary and professional way.

Manantiales Foundation has made major conferences and Training in the Prevention of Addiction Approach for entities such as the Christian Association of Business Managers (ACDE) of Argentina and the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, the Rotary Club and Lions Club. It has performed with the  collaboration of the Township of San Isidro, the Prevention Campaign in educational settings "Educate everyone's job" that allowed to provide training workshops for the entire school community in the area. It has been invited by the Government of the Province of Santa Cruz to dictate the first Provincial Conference on Addictions Prevention. They have been declared of interest to provincial and local standard, and with the participation of authorities, health professionals, teachers, opinion makers and others interested in the subject.

It participated as a speaker at ExpoMedical entity, the International Fair dedicated to spreading the medical community and professional developments and new approaches to health. In this prestigious event, the interdisciplinary team of the Foundation, developed workshops related to the topic of addictions and eating disorders. It has performed at the invitation of the Government of the Province of Corrientes and the Catholic University of Salta the First Workshop on Comprehensive Approach to Addiction aimed at health professionals as a whole. In order to raise awareness and provide more information on the scourge of drug addiction has made "Commitment to Life" a television program that was broadcasted in 2003 by CVN channel.

The Foundation maintains a great campaign in the means of transport of Capital Federal and Buenos Aires, attended by TBA, Metrovías, SubTV, the House of Entrepreneurs of Motor Vehicles of People (CETAP) and House Motor Carrier Passengers (APEC). It has also carried out campaigns with the following supportive companies: Telefónica de Argentina, Antel and Ancel (Uruguay), Ocacard (Uruguay), Petrobras (Brazil) Pluna (Uruguay), SMG LIFE,  Aguas Argentinas, American Airlines, John L. Cook, Disco, Bank of Boston.

It provided advice to the Argentine Advertising campaigns for the prevention of addiction and was invited by the Ministry of Security of the Province of Santa Cruz to make the Workshop on Strengthening Comprehensive Family Guidelines, which was later performed in more than 14 locations throughout the province and ended with the signing of a joint Cooperation Agreement between Manantiales Foundation and the Provincial Government

It is enabled for Professional Therapeutic Community Treatment (Residential Care) Community Day, Community of Half Day and outpatient treatment. More than 20 recognized social work and a similar number of prepaid medical institutions have signed agreements with Manantiales Foundation to provide services. The Foundation is registered and has all the necessary permits issued by the SEDRONAR Secretary of Prevention and Care Addictions ANSSAL (APE), Ministry of Health, and the towns of San Isidro and San Miguel to provide outpatient treatment services, Day Hospital, therapeutic Community and Social Reintegration.

Also parent groups are made completely free in order to assess how best to address the pathology of their children and convince them to make a treatment that returns a life project. These meetings-free and open -are held every Thursday at 19hs. At our Headquarters II (839 Entre Rios Ave., Buenos Aires) and at San Isidro Headquarters in

Argentina. In Uruguay they are held in 2327 Canelones street, Montevideo on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 19hs. In our headquarters in Madrid, Spain, on Wednesday at 18.30hs, 14 Elfo Street PB D.

The funds obtained through grants are intended to improve the quality of care. There are people without means who have difficulty accessing these services and state grant opportunities are scarce. Therefore, Manantiales Foundation account for these cases with a grant system whereby they are given to all persons who need the necessary assistance. Every donation allows savings in the administrative areas and is used for the Foundation to allocate more resources for treatment.

Thanks to the excellent results obtained, Manantiales Foundation is one of the most prestigious and highly recommended by the medical community, receiving patients from all over Latin America.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading institutions of Latin America in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of addictions.

Our Name

Manantiales (springs in Spanish) originates from the idea that in every human being regardless of his past is inside a spring of pure water. It's in him and in our tools, enabling the pure, clean water to emerge to the outside.

Our Mission

Achieving success through a culture of continuous quality based on:

The excellence of service and use of technology.

Work according to international quality standards and therapeutic excellence giving to every human being the right to health.

The vocation of service, commitment and professionalism of all of us at Manantiales Foundation.

Passion, intelligence and creativity to deliver the best for you at all times.

Quality Policy

1 - Consider each patient taking into account only their own needs.

2 - Ensure the best results through dedication to service, exclusive dedication, commitment and expertise of our specialized treatment team.

3 - To continuously improve the quality of our treatments through scientific research, technological innovation and the constant training of our professionals.

4 - Understanding the physical and mental welfare as one of the fundamental human rights and social work according to the ideal of promoting it to everyone equally.

5 - Achieving success through a quality culture based on:

a. Excellence in service.
b. Highly trained professionals, committed to ethics and the human rights.
c. Ongoing scientific research.


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